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Hearing impaired people have difficulties in perceiving speech due to the background sounds and environmental noise they are exposed to in closed areas, crowded environments and service points where they continue their daily activities despite using hearing aids. Bank type induction loop system is an economical and mobile, non-assembly system to overcome this difficulty in hospitals, banks, markets, pharmacies, box office service and information points.

Free-Standing Type Induction Loop System

They are fixed or portable induction loop systems connected to the existing sound system with a special wiring to the floor or ceiling used in many areas such as meeting halls, university lecture theaters, cinema and concert halls.

Elevator Type Induction Loop System

These are induction loop systems that will facilitate the communication of the hearing impaired person with the staff, thanks to the system connected to the diaphone.

Portable Counter Type Induction Loop Device

They are induction loop systems that can be used in supermarket safes, information desks, bank teller and many other face-to-face contact points and have fixed and portable variants.